META reducers

This is a revolutionary single-stage CNG reducer that keeps the pressure supply stable by using the incoming pressure of gas in order to increase or decrease the applied force of the gas. The result is a perfectly stable reducer that does not get affected by the influence of the pressure fed. Its main characteristics are that it is very compact and takes little space, it is gives stable pressure supply and therefore it has a high performance capacity.

Working Pressure 260 bar
Outlet gas Pressure 2.0 bar
Number of Stages 1
Inlet gas fitting M12 x 1
Outlet gas fitting Rubber hose Ø 10 mm
Water Coolant Port Rubber hose Ø 8 mm
MAP Port Rubber hose Ø 5 mm
T range -40/ +120° C
Agreement 110R-00 / ISO15500


Power - First Stage regulation pressure - Outlet gas Fitting:
900META/NUp to 90 Kw 120 Hp - 1.9/2.2 bar - N. 1 
890META/NUp to 90 Kw 120 Hp - 1.9/2.2 bar - N. 1 
900META/SOver 90 Kw 120 Hp - 1.9/2.2 bar - N. 2 
890META/SOver 90 Kw 120 Hp - 1.9/2.2 bar - N. 2 
Product Code: 900META